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Angela Dickson
The life of Angela Dickson is an amazing adventure, and indeed, still unfolding.  A kiwi, she has worked internationally in both the UK and Australia, contracted by an international company managing staff, sales and events. 

On returning to New Zealand Angela entered the hospitality industry and worked at a resort on one of the mountains in New Zealand. It was here she came into her own, delivering exemplary customer service and building long term relationships.

Sales beckoned her again and she was employed by an international company as a sales representative and was quickly promoted to Training Promotions and Export Manager. In this role she travelled extensively taking care of New Zealand, Fiji, Rarotonga, Vanuatu and Tahiti, organizing training schools, in store promotions, conferences and generating sales. 

She was the first to initiate an accelerated learning program for effective course delivery, and played a pivotal role in building confidence and supporting women returning to the workforce.

Intent on personal development she went to University to study counseling. It was during this period she began to experience the most amazing spiritual journey, culminating in her resignation from her retail role.   This was a defining moment and she moved to Hawaii, trained as a Trance Dance (Moving Meditation) Facilitator, and started doing energy work. On her return to New Zealand she established Trance Dance (Moving Meditation) in Auckland, and it was then she started to become aware that something was trying to speak with her.

She connected with a very beautiful energy that says it is a collective of healers and teachers whom she calls Jenoah.

Angela says “ My voice is being used to communicate with humanity as their role is to share with us how to move from fear or the story teller as they call it to love based thinking. Through this amazing process I have experienced an incredible transition, and hold the awareness that I am not my body, my physical body is this precious vehicle that allows the spiritual being to travel or journey in. 

"I have been given the gift of standing back and seeing that every step I took in this life time has been vital for where I am today, that there are no mistakes, that it is time for all of us to wake up and to take the journey home to ourselves as that is the journey that we are all on.

"Awakening to the fact that fear is an illusion and that what we really are, are these amazing spiritual beings having a human experience. The journey that we are on at this time is an inner journey it is the journey back to the core of who we really are and that is love."
It is my pleasure to introduce you to what I call the Jenoah collective.

They are a collective of healers and teachers, who have worked with me and supported me in a way that I will be eternally grateful for, as the experiences and shifts I have had, I can only describe as magical. We are very dear friends, they say I am you and you are me together we are one we are love.

The Jenoah collective is Orion, Pleiadian, Maori, African, Aborigine, Jesus and the lady with the white light. (As I call her)

In 2007 I was feeling very isolated and separate, I was sitting with this feeling when these 3 beings stood in front of me and said “you are not alone you are part of all that is” and I was filled with this amazing sensation of love I call it bliss as I had never had a feeling like that in my body before.

This started an amazing journey that continues today.

Jenoah has introduced me to my story - teller (fear based thinking) and guided me on a journey that is seeing me transition from fear to love based thinking. To say the journey has been huge is an understatement, I have been gently and lovingly guided to some very deep parts of my being to clear blocked energy and to bring home aspects of myself that were stuck.

They say we are all teachers, healers, guides, and beacons of light along the path to guide another into LOVE.  There are many different paths, no one is better than the other, they all lead to the same place and that is living your life as a human being from LOVE towards all that is. This is the big change that is to come about.

Let go of the fear, release yourself from your restrictive thinking, and become aware that you hold all of the possibilities within you.

I feel blessed; I feel in awe of this process, I feel humble to be introducing these amazing beings to you.